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We have latest modern techniques to provide high quality products. Our factory consists well qualified employees to maintain the quality of products. We are one of the leading producers in the world to provide a wide range of high quality dehydrated food product.

We ensure the highest standards that are maintained both by regular auditing of manufacturing sites and through the testing of products at in-house well equipped microbiological laboratory.

Onion and Garlic being the main crops of the province, our Company’s active association with agricultural procurement of best quality raw material. To ensure best quality finished product, control is exercised at every stage from cultivation and harvesting to for processing, packing, dispatching etc.

To meet off-season demand, the company’s established full-pledged cold storage facilities to ensure supply of raw material for processing throughout year.

The company’s marketing experts and food technologist, who are well experienced and qualified in appraisal of agro-products such as the various types of onion, garlic and other vegetables that are processed without any preservatives and chemicals, ascertain that the finished product offered having international standard.

Best hygienic conditions pertaining to the multifarious operations. The inspection department continually monitors every stage of processing, from examining. At random samples to processing to packaging. Strict adherence to high quality and excellent packing specification is maintained at all times.

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