White Kibbled

  Red Kibbled
  White Chopped
  Red Chopped
  White Minced
  Red Minced
  White Powder
  Red Powder
  White Granules
  Red Granules

The following procedures are routine and reflects our uncompromising attitude to quality, packaging & dispatch:

Good quality raw onions are procured.
The various departments follow rigid quality control procedures.
We have installed metal detector to avoid ferrous & non-ferrous particles in the products.
Manual sorting is done very strictly by highly experienced & hygienically fit workers.
All shipments are containerized at factory to avoid mishandling of goods under personal supervision
Various packing system are maintained as per the demand of the buyers with accurate uniform weight.
We have installed various machinery with latest technology.
Fumigation is carried-out regularly with required dosage in containers & factory premises
All export consignments are duly sampled and certified.

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